Kosmic Kart

Kosmic Kart is a brand belonging to the OTK Kart Group, Italian company leader in the karting field.
It was born in 1996 and it immediately stands out brilliantly within the international karting scene.
Besides the technical solutions of its own products, Kosmic draws the attention of the audience thanks to a very personal and innovative layout, compared to what we normally see within the karting survey, also thanks to the blue colour of its bare frames enhanced by a fuchsia touch, which is still catching the eye on the graphics of the OTK karts.

Still concerning the design, the “Kosmic” signature is an absolute worldwide “première”, by adopting, around the end of the nineties, completely decorated bodyworks. Until then, bodyworks have always been self-coloured and could be customized with stickers. Kosmic, on the contrary, introduces a real graphics on its own bodyworks, reinforcing even more its brand image.

Competition is in Kosmic’s DNA. It has always been racing on the binding stage of the international karting competitions, facing the best competitors of the whole field. The Kosmic palmarès [link a Palmares] is literally studded with prestigious results until the most coveted goal, the victory of the CIK-FIA World Championship, reached in the direct-drive top class in 2015.

Kosmic products, such as karts, bare frames or accessories, have always been taking advantage of the highest manufacturing levels of the OTK Kart Group, always focused on the design and realization of all components of its products within its factories in Prevalle (near Brescia, Italy), in order to have the greatest control on the whole design and production chain, the only way to guarantee the best product and performance to the people racing with Kosmic Kart all over the world.