Positive weekend for the Kosmic Kart Racing Department, back to the South Garda Karting in Lonato for the first round of the WSK Open Cup. Both in OK-Junior and in OK, with many and top-level registered drivers for both categories, our drivers are constantly fighting for top ten positions.

In OKJ, Alexander Gubenko and Karol Pasiewicz prove they made progress during the whole weekend. Alexander, especially, stands out for a brilliant performance in the heats with three results in top ten, including a fourth place. Quite an eventful race for Karol, whose best result in the heats is a fifth place.
Both drivers, however, race two prefinals at the top driving their Kosmic Mercury R: Karol Pasiewicz gets the eight place, recovering seven positions and centering the best lap, while Alexander Gubenko does even better, ending sixth.
Such results allow him to start in the Final in a good position. Here, despite Gubenko does a great start, springing forward to the eight position, both Karol and Alexander are involved in brawl and do not manage to express their pace completely.
The result of the last race, however, does not cloud a great performance for both drivers.

The innovation of this weekend in the Kosmic Kart Racing Department is the debut in OK of Luigi Coluccio. Also in this case the performance is encouraging, but the efforts are not entirely rewarded with the final Luigi deserved. The new standard-bearer of our team becomes immediately familiar with the Kosmic-Vortex duo and gets close to the top-ten in all the heats. The good feelings are confirmed in prefinal, where Coluccio gains the access to the decisive race, recovering several positions after having slipped backward during the first laps.
In Final, however, Luigi is forced to withdraw at the first lap, without having the possibility of expressing his potential.

The next appointment on track for the Kosmic Kart Racing Department is scheduled for the weekend of 10th November, with the last and decisive round of the WSK Open Cup on the Sette Laghi Circuit in Castelletto di Branduzzo. The categories competing are 60 Mini, OK-Junior and OK.